Behind NYC’s Fitness Scene With @Amandakloots, @Pactpark, and @Fitwithbae

NYC’s fitness scene is bursting at the seams, and its trainers have become like celebrities in their own right. We gathered some of our favorite Females in Fitness for a “behind the scenes” panel in which we got to ask all of our burning questions!

No surprise that with their fit, sculpted bodies, the respective diet philosophies of each trainer, was a hot topic. That said, what was somewhat surprising was that each trainer subscribed to a very different diet (Paleo, Vegan, Keto, and Plant-Based).  It goes without saying, but all of these trainers, despite their different diets have phenomenal bodies, and are able to fuel the rigorous work they do.  It just goes to show, there is no one size fits all, or even one size fits most!  The trainers all agreed that everyone is different and you have to experiment to find what feels best for YOU.

Another great reminder, or even possibly a cautionary tale, is to be careful about the source from which you are heeding nutritional advice. It's tempting to think the following: Trainer has great body. Trainer does predominantly strength training. Trainer is Paleo. Trainer shares this recipe on IG. I will make this recipe, strength train, eat Paleo, and then I too, will have a great body."  Well there's one fundamental flaw in this plan.

These trainers have a very unique set of nutrient and caloric needs, due to the high frequency at which they regularly workout.  They may be teaching up to 5 clients and/or classes per day! So their successful diet or recipe, which consists of a specific nutrient and caloric density, might be excessive for someone taking one workout class and then sitting all day at a desk job.

Simply put- you and I are most likely not doing 5 workouts a day. If we are, maybe then we can eat like them, if not, we should probably not trust what we see on Instagram, and again, do what feels best for us!

All of these women have done a tremendous job turning their passion and unique workout methods into a career. If you haven’t yet, be sure to check out their classes!

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