Building a Brand in the Wellness World with @AmbitiousKitchen

We had a blast with Monique aka @AmbitiousKitchen, sipping cocktails and enjoying a build-your-own harvest bowl station from FARE.

Founded by two women, FARE is a local Chicago restaurant that values food and quality. The bowls from FARE were washed down with our favorite sparkling water, Spindrift, made into a delicious cocktail by Craft Yours. Check out the recipe below:

    • 1 Part Wheatley Vodka
    • 1 Part GT's Gingerade Kombucha
    • Splash Fresh Lime Juice
    • Top with Strawberry Spindrift

Monique is most well-known for her blog and recipe creations that she shares daily on The Ambitious Kitchen, however, she also recently launched a second brand, Ambitious Home, sharing unique, curated, finds for the home with a special vintage aesthetic. 

As someone who has successfully launched two business and brands, we were eager to learn more about her journey and recommendations.  Here are a few things we learned from Monique at the event:

  • Use the weekends to work on your side hustle when you have a 9-5. Monique specifically said she was so passionate about cooking and sharing what she was developing that it's all she wanted to work on outside of work!
  • Stay organized. Monique’s team uses Asana to assign tasks and manage their to-do list, and they always utilize a 30/60/90 day outlook for content planning.
  • Never disregard something you want to achieve just because you don't know how to do something. When she first began blogging, Monique bought a blogging 'how-to' book.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help. The worst that can happen is someone can say no, but there is someone else that will say yes! Sarah from @BromaBakery and Monique helped each other years ago as Sarah was skilled in photography and Monique was skilled at blogging, so they spent four days together after meeting via Instagram. Fast forward, and they're best friends today!

If you're craving more FARE, be sure to check out their new fall menu beginning October 15th. FARE also serves breakfast and smoothies, so be sure to stop by on your commute to work one day.

You can find all of the yummy snacks from the event here.

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