Building Your Brand With @Amandakloots

Amanda Kloots has recently burst onto the scene with her Jump Rope and Dance Cardio Class. We couldn’t help but take notice of her incredible energy, rapidly growing social media following, and HELLO, that body!!

So basically, we wanted to know everything! At last night's event, we held a Q&A at which we could Ask Amanda Anything! We talked about her workout routine, the pressures of Broadway, eating a plant-based diet, and how she loves to indulge.  She shared her favorite workout moves on the road, as well as travel essentials!

Something that inspired us most about Amanda's journey, which many people, may not realize, is that her business was born out of lower circumstances. She had been cast in a highly anticipated show, offering job stability and notoriety, that closed just three short months after opening.  She had gotten divorced from a man she was thinking about creating a life and family with. While teaching workout classes had previously been an ends to a means to supplement her irregular and unpredictable lifestyle as an auditioning broadway actress and Rockette, she realized that teaching is actually what brought her a tremendous amount of joy and stability, and thus her business was born.

Amanda is up to incredible things and we can’t wait to keep following along!  You can find all of her workout videos, products, and class schedule online.

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