Debunking Diet Misconceptions with @confessionofadietitian

In case you missed it, we spent last night in NYC breaking down diet myths with Melissa Rifkin aka @confessionofadietition. Melissa answered so many of our diet questions, discussing everything from keto to carbs. Here are some diet myths she kicked to the curb.

"Carbs are bad for you."

Melissa doesn’t like to think about good and bad food—it’s more about how the food serves your body. White foods don’t really serve us well, whole grains do so much more for your body!

"You must exercise for weight loss."

Melissa says you don’t! Diet contributes to 80% of weight loss, while exercise contributes to 20%. Exercise is a nice complement to healthy eating.

"Gluten free is healthier."

It’s not better unless you have Celiac, IBS, etc. Gluten free products tend to be higher in carbs and sugar.

"Fat-free is the way to be"

No way! You should eat fat. If something has fat in in you’re more likely to take less and it’s more satiating. It tastes a lot better, too. Like everything, Melissa advises eating it in moderation.

"Cleanses are great for weight loss."

Your body does an amazing job at detoxing. The problem with cleanses is that you take in a lot less calories, and more sugar. Then, you get to the end of the cleanse and eat everything in sight! You might lose weight, but it’s going to be water weight.

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