Digestive Health, Overcoming IBS, and more with @lilsipper

You know when those little lessons from elementary school rear their heads? A reminder that we know a lot of the guiding principles we need to be good people at such a young age?  Well for me, one of these moments came in the form of, "Don't judge a book by its cover."

A lot of people, myself admittedly included, have a visual of what "health" looks like.  That was, until we discovered Bethany Ugarte, creator of @lilsipper.  Her Instagram and blog are incredibly valuable at shedding light on some common auto immune diseases in their most extreme form, and breaking stereotypes of what it looks like to be striving for optimal wellness.

We joined Bethany for a candid conversation on digestive health. She bravely and openly shared her journey of struggling with digestive issues, including her battle with IBS and how gut health plays an integral role.

From tips, tricks, and recipes for IBS to speaking the truth about the health food industry, we learned about the importance of clean eating. Here were some of the other things we learned:

  • Bethany's Key Pillars to Digestive Health include: Eating the real thing, not the chemicals. Eat whole and real foods as often as possible.
  • Be your own doctor. You have the right to interview multiple doctors to find who is right for you!
  • Gut health is not just about what you eat. Bethany stresses relaxation and self care in the forms of taking a walk, getting a manicure or massage, meditating, etc.
  • Bethany preaches about the powers of bone broth! She swears that this protein and nutrient packed food has tremendously healed and sealed her gut.  

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