Ditch the Diet With @Veggiesandchocolate

Happy New Year! Along with champagne toasts and well wishes for 2018, come the routine new years resolutions. We’ve all been there and we’ve all made them!

To kick off 2018, Sammi Haber, aka @veggiesandchocolate, shared a warning. We may be setting ourselves up for failure with resolutions. Instead, what are ways to start the new year on a healthy note, without dieting.

Ditch the diet, eat freely, but be healthier than you could be with strict resolutions?! If you're skeptical at first, we were too.  But seriously, it’s all about getting back on track after the holidays without depriving yourself.  Sammi believes that one of the most powerful tools you can add to your arsenal is the wholehearted belief that no food as “off limits.”

This can be scary at first, but we love the concept of taking foods off a pedestal, so to speak. If you want to have pasta, go for it. Can you have a healthier alternative like zoodles, or Quinoa pasta? Sure! Do you have to?  Nope.  Satiate your craving for the white carb regular pasta if that’s what you really want.

It’s all about balance and practicing what Sammi refers to as the “all foods fit” approach. So here’s to having your cake and eating it too!  For more on Sammi's approach to nutrition, check out her blog here.

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