Eat Clean, Play Dirty with the Founders of @SakaraLife

Missed our Sakara event last week? Don’t worry — here’s a recap of what you missed!

We gathered on a beautiful Chicago night at the Viceroy Hotel in Gold Coast to hear about the inspiring work of Sakara co-founders Whitney Tingle and Danielle DuBoise. Sakara is a food delivery service that provides 100% plant-based, organic ready-to-eat meals.

The evening began with a VIP session where guests had their copies of the Sakara cookbook, Eat Clean, Play Dirty signed by Whitney & Danielle! Soon after, the rest of the attendees arrived and everyone had the chance to sample some of our favorite fellow plant-based brands and dine on Sakara for dinner. (Shop the brands here.)

Danielle & Whitney spoke to us about the personal experiences that led them to founding Sakara — Whitney was living a sleep-deprived life on Wall Street and Danielle was trying endless trendy diets. They both realized it was time to make a change and thus Sakara was born!

Sakara means "the manifestation of thoughts to things”, and Whitney & Daneille believe that you can feel better than you ever thought was possible with a plant-based diet. Their meals are centered around 9 Pillars of Nutrition, including body intelligence. "They say the gut is the second brain, but it’s really the first one!"

Sakara meals focus on gut health and prebiotics that feed the good bacteria in the intestines. Our microbiome has an important role in everything from bone health and metabolism to immunity and disease, so it's important to fuel it well!

Have you tried Sakara Life yet? View their meal programs on their website and use code XOHELLOWELLNESS for 20% off their 10-day reset kit or 5-day meal program.

We're obsessed with the 10-day reset kit if you love to cook and want the joys of eating the Sakara way for less money. We love the 5-day meal program if you want to kick your feet up and take time out of the kitchen to put in elsewhere as all of your delicious meals will be delivered right to your step!

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