Feeling the Fear and Finding Confidence with @Jera.Bean

We had an incredible conversation at our event last week with Jera Foster Fell (aka @jera.bean on Instagram). Jera is a Graphic Designer, turned Soul Cycle Instructor, turned Instagram Influencer, and most recently the founder and creator of the Social Media Saloon.

Jera’s life motto is “feel the fear, and do it anyway,” so we were excited to dive deep into this philosophy with her.  She discussed finding peace and happiness with big life changes, both physically and mentally. Cue body confidence, self-acceptance, and a positive mindset.

So with that said, we’re so excited to share our takeaways from Jera’s event:

  • Building your self-confidence occurs when you push your limits. For Jera, every day she would get anxious to teach at SoulCycle, but she pushed herself because it was important to her and made her feel inspired.
  • Feel your fear, and work through it. You will come out stronger when you put yourself in uncomfortable situations. For Jera, she had a difficult time deciding to leave SoulCycle. It was a place of comfort for her, but she knew in order to achieve personal growth, she had to leave, and go on to start her business.
  • Every personal challenge is a learning lesson. When Jera was auditioning to be a SoulCycle instructor, she was so confident in herself, that not being one wasn’t a possibility. She was rejected after her first audition, and she went back again, where she was accepted. Her attitude is to “set your eyes on the prize and do whatever it takes.”
  • We all have “blah” days, where we get down on ourselves, especially after being at our pinnacle. It’s ok to not feel 100% perfect every day. And you’re certainly not alone. Jera reminded us that we often think of people who show confidence, as people who have it all together, but everyone has struggles and it’s all about how you embrace it and rise above it.
  • Find balance in your day. Jera mentioned that sometimes she is ashamed that she is not as physically fit, as she was while she was an instructor. However, she realizes how great she feels in other aspects of her life, and she recognizes that it is worth the compromise. 

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