Finding the Right Diet with @rachaelsgoodeats

We spent the evening hanging out with Rachael DeVaux (aka @RachaelsGoodEats) learning all about recent diet trends. As a registered dietitian, Rachael dove into detail on everything from Paleo to Keto, and shared her tips on how to make healthy lifestyle changes. Rachael shared her top tips on how to make your diet work for you.

Mix and match. Customize your diet for you. There is no one diet fits all approach. Base your overall diet off of Keto for example, but add in additional foods where you need them.

Sugar detoxes are always good. Rachael recommends a sugar detox a few times a year. Try to cut out any packaged foods and eliminate any sugar substitutes. Keep fruit servings to a ¼ cup per day during this time.

Listen to your body. Pay attention to how food makes you feel. Keep a journal to record how you feel after eating certain foods. If something doesn’t make you feel great, try to eliminate it and see what happens.

Do what works for you. Eating healthy shouldn’t be hard. Not everyone has access to everything you see on Instagram and all of the new products. Do the best you can with where you are and what you have!

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