Following Through On New Years Resolutions With @Mollysbest And @Remyarnold

Heading into February many of our New Years resolutions have fallen by the wayside. At last night's event, with the help of nutritionist, Molly Rieger, @mollysbest, and Life Coach, @remyarnold, we’re ditching our New Years resolution, in favor of a New Years REVOLUTION!

One of the key reasons that more than 92% of people do not accomplish their new years resolutions (ouch!) is that they create a lofty goal, without creating any sort of roadmap to get there. It's like deciding to run the NYC marathon and expecting to successfully run it on the first Sunday of November without having created and executed a training plan to get there.

Molly and Remy taught us how to reposition our original resolutions to make them actionable, tangible, and therefore, more likely to stick to!

One piece of advice we learned that we LOVE is to make a list of what you will need in order to accomplish your goal. Be extremely specific. Instead of trying to jump into the last step, make a clear path of exactly what you need from yourself and even others, to help you get there!

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