Free Yourself From Food Drama with @bewellbykelly

We had a such an awesome time dining and talking with Fab Four creator, Kelly LeVeque. Kelly shared how she developed the key to living without food drama no matter your diet. She emphasized how easy it is to follow and what a huge difference it will make. Below are some of her methods!

ADD PROTEIN - “It does do a really good job on turning off hunger hormones, just be aware of the nutritional density” says Kelly. She added that smoothies are great for those who are plant-based, and offered other ideas like hard boiling a dozen eggs, making salad with Safe Catch tuna or roasting a whole chicken.

MIX UP THE FAT - “Mix your fats just as you would your protein sources and don’t forget about fat from olives and avocados. Olive oil is phenomenal for brain health, it has antioxidants that you’re not going to get from saturated fats.”

INSTANTLY DETOX WITH FIBER & GREENS - “These are the carbohydrates that I want you eating the most. When you eat fiber, your gut bacteria is changing two hours later. Every single plate of greens that you eat is like taking your cells to the gym [and] you are doubling the amount of detoxification your cells can do.” Kelly also suggests trying more bitter vegetables, like switching from spinach to baby kale or arugula.

You can read more about the Fab Four method and check out Kelly's books here.

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