Getting the Whole (30) Picture with @thedefineddish

HelloHouston! We were so excited to pop up in a new city and continue to expand the HelloWellness community.  No little tornado could stand in our way as we sat down with Alex — the self-proclaimed foodie and recipe developer behind @TheDefinedDish. That's not a lie...there WAS a tornado and let me tell you, us New Yorkers were far less come than everyone from Houston lol but that said....we are happy that everyone was far calmer than us because we learned so much at the event!

An advocate of Whole30, Alex shared with us why she loves Whole30 so much.  We also sampled some new wellness brands -- you can shop them here!

See what Alex shared with us below:

I've heard about it, but what IS Whole30?

For 30 days, you eliminate the foods that are most common for people to have trouble tolerating. You eliminate sugar, dairy, legumes, grains...but we learned that there’s a lot that you can eat! The Defined Dish is a plethora of Whole30 Approved Recipes, not to mention you can eat potatoes, unlimited veggies, fruit, protein, and more. After 30 days, you slowly re-introduce the eliminated food groups to figure out what really works for you. The whole point is to see what works for you. You really need to see what works for you to be your best self.

Does Alex do Whole30 365?! What does a typical day look like?

She tries to keep it really clean, and cooks mostly Whole30 at home. That way, when Alex goes out to eat she can really enjoy herself. Believe it or not Alex only does Whole30 all the way through once a year in January!

Are there elements of Whole30 that Alex always subscribes to?

It's all about balance! She doesn't limit herself from anything. Luckily, she doesn't have any intolerances, but tries to eat in moderation. Particularly raising two daughters, she like to show that she eats other foods. It's so important to live by example for her family that you can still go out to eat and have fun without punishing yourself.

Whole30 is great, but ultimately it's all about your mental relationship with food!

It’s really hard as women because we have that "guilt." The only way to be happy is to accept the way that you’re built and the way that you are. You just have to own it! ... Try and tell yourself to nourish and not punish!

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