Healthy Holiday Baking With @Rachlmansfield - 2017

We’ve all been there…drooling over Rachel Mansfield’s epic dessert creations on Instagram. When a new post pops up in our feed from @rachLmansfield it’s time to pay attention and then immediately run to the kitchen to recreate her simple, delicious, and healthy recipes!

So that’s exactly what we did at last night's event, which was also our one year anniversary! We spent the night baking gluten-free chocolate cupcakes and decorating in the most Instagram-worthy way. Rachel even showed us how to make frosting using avocados?!?  We couldn’t make this stuff up!

What a year it’s been and we wouldn’t have wanted to celebrate any other way.  We are so grateful for this incredible community of passionate health enthusiasts, influencers, and of course, cupcakes! Cheers to an amazing year and many more fabulous events to come!

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