Intuitive And Mindful Eating With @Thebalancedrose

Sam Manero, aka @thebalancedrose, spent years of letting food control her life and going through cycles of disordered eating.  Many women grew up with these same struggles due to the "diet culture" in which we were raised, the idealistic beauty constructs created by the media and society, and generations of lacking nutritional research.

Thankfully, she discovered how amazing a mindful and balanced approach to food could make her feel. At last night's event we eagerly shifted the conversation away from years and years of encouraged deprivation to the power of balance!

Whether it’s with food, fitness, work, or your overall lifestyle, for most of us, balance is no longer something that comes naturally. What we think of as "intuitive eating," which is the ability to understand what your body genuinely needs and craves at any given time, ironically doesn't feel intuitive at all.

Rather, Sam discussed how must re-learn to trust our intuition and work to create the balance we so desperately need.  Sam also shared her favorite mantras, which we want to share with all of you too:

  • "How I eat does not defined my worth"
  • "I am stronger today than when I started my journey"
  • "Progress is not linear
  • "Mental strength and fortitude are valuable achievements than any number on a scale"

For more on Sam's perspective, check out her blog here.

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