Loving Your Gut: All Things Gut Health with @ariellelorre & @robertyang

Hello San Diego! Can you believe that this is the SEVENTH city we've hosted an event in! We love meeting new people and are beyond grateful that the HelloWellness name has expanded its roots into so many different places. 

At last night's event, we enjoyed a lecture covering All Things Gut Health with Robert Yang and Arielle Lorre. Did you know, your gut plays a vital role in your overall health and well-being? It can help control everything from weight to mood, to brain health, inflammation, immune function, and so much more!

Robert and his long-time patient Arielle shared with us some of the common symptoms and warning signs of gut issues that you can detect in yourself as well as valuable tips to help course correct these ailments. Here were some of our main takeaways:

  • PFF is your BFF. Always include protein, healthy fats, and fiber in every meal.
  • Being mindful during meals. Allowing your mind and body to process the food you are eating is incredibly powerful! Put down the phone!
  • All probiotics are not created equal. Robert prefers probiotics that do not have to be refrigerated. Also, depending on your gut issues, probiotics actually may not be beneficial for you body.
  • There is enormous power in listening to your gut and being your own doctor. Something that helped Arielle the most was keeping a food journal, so that she could realize what was harming her versus what made her body feel good.

Thank you to Alcheme Health for hosting us. They are a health center in San Diego that promotes rebellious health for vibrant living. Check out their website to learn more.

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