Make Your Own Macro Bowls With @Nourishedbykale

Last night's event was such a testament to the incredible HelloWellness team and community.  It was one of those magical nights where everything leading up is complete chaos, until the support of those around you create a sense of peace and calm. “I get by with a little from my friends,” am I right??

Without reliving the stress, let's just say, a huge rainstorm, delayed host, and cancelled travel plans can’t get in our way!  A special thanks to this incredible community of health enthusiasts, influencers, and RD’s,

Together we made macro bowls, which were named that because they hit all of the key macronutrients within one bowl- carbs, proteins, and healthy fats. If the lightbulb, aha moment just went off for you, like "omg that's why they call it that all over Instagram!?," we had the same reaction!

Everyone got so creative and thanks to our partner, Chosen Foods, created such wonderful and unique combinations in their macro bowls! 

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