#MomLife with @leahsplate, @sammyjaneeason & @kristinmcgee

We've all heard the warning about the oxygen mask, right? Put on your own mask, before helping others to ensure survival, because if you run out of oxygen, you can't help anyone else around you. 

I promise, I'm not reciting the flight attendant's instructions for no reason.  This happens to be a very appropriate (and most commonly ignored) instruction, when it comes to motherhood. 

Moms are always prioritizing everyone else's health and well-being but their own.  But what happens when you're running around taking care of everything and everyone except yourself? 

We hosted our event discussing the burnout, isolation, and overwhelming feeling, combined with the joy, love, and absolute great fortune of motherhood! Our panelists, @leahsplate and @sammyjaneeason, moderated by @kristinmcgee, discussed their candid experience, and shared tips and tricks for maintaining their own wellness to best serve their families.

Leah, Samantha & Kristin answered questions about self-care and their best mom tips — here’s what we learned!

  1. Find a balance in your social life. Figure out what makes you happy socially but still makes you feel ready to tackle the next day!

  2. Identify little self-care routines that make you feel better. Whether it’s doing your hair or dressing up instead of wearing yoga clothes, make these things a priority in your day.

  3. Love and appreciate your body for the beautiful life that it has brought—honor your incredible body and what it went through!

  4. Find time for your first. For those moms of two or more, spend alone time with your first whether it’s going to the park or going food shopping just the two of you.

  5. Have the right perspective when you travel. Pre-kid travel and post-kid travel are two different things. Recognize that you’re making memories as a family and also try to take time to travel as a couple, too!

  6. Cook some food for the week on Sunday. Leah shared a trick that she blends spinach into the pancake recipe she makes for her kids!

  7. Serving snacks that are healthy and non-perishable can be hard to find. Some go-to snacks are bars, carrot sticks, or apples with peanut butter.

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