New Year, Same Food? ft. @Realfoodology

We kicked off the New Year with Courtney Swan aka @realfoodology. Courtney is an integrative nutritionist and has her MS in nutrition. There is so much to learn on the dirty practices of the food industry... tonight we just started to skim the surface!

While Courtney doesn’t believe in diets, she promotes a real-food approach to eating, comprised of organic foods. Therefore, she preaches ditching the fad diets, cutely labeled packaged foods, and instead opting for the same foods our ancestors ate.

Though challenging at times, this helps to keep her healthy, lean, and energetic while on tour with ROCKSTARS! How cool is that?? Courtney tours with Tove Lo for a majority of the year, and still manages to stay healthy, while on the road.

For anyone who was unable to join us, don't worry! We're sharing Courtney's #1 tip to stay well on the road.  Depending on how long you're traveling for, it's unrealistic to assume you can pack enough healthy meals and snacks to last.  That's why Courtney suggests always researching organic restaurants in any city that you are visiting.

With New Years resolutions a plenty at this time of year, so many of us are looking for the newest diet or food craze, but we learned that the answer has existed for millions and millions of years: real foods and preparation!

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