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It’s a Pizza Party

Rachel Mansfield, nicknamed the ‘queen of clean’—makes guilt-free versions of the foods we love and has built a devout following of healthy foodies who love her recipes. So it was only fitting that we had a Pizza Party event with Rachel herself, seeking the clean and healthy alternative to one of our favorite indulgences.

We made pizzas using Mikey’s Paleo Pizza crust and topped them with everything from vegan mozzarella to sugar-free tomato sauce or kale pesto. The crust was delicious, and made with only 9 ingredients so we didn’t feel bad about having seconds!

While our pizzas were bubbling in the oven, Rachel took time to answer all of our questions about how she built her brand and started her blog.

Here are some insights she shared:

How did you grow such an organic following?

It was the right place, right time. But I think that quality content, engagement and consistency are the trifecta to grow any brand. You want to produce quality content that people are going to want to see. You want to be consistent, so you have to post every day, and increase engagement by talking to other people and going to events like these are really helpful.

What’s your posting process like?

For every post you see there are probably about 20 more. All the photos that turn out best are taken in natural light so I base everything around the weather. That’s why I never post my dinner!

Do you have any advice for someone who’s thinking about being their own boss?

It’s not easy. It’s hard to shut off every day. But there’s nothing more rewarding than being your own boss!

How do you structure your day when you work from home?

I always wake up, check my email, see if there’s anything urgent and then I leave. I try to get fresh air every day—whether I go to the grocery store, take a barre class, or go for a walk. I make it a goal to be back home in about an hour or so and that’s when I start doing work.

If you’re in Boston on May 12th, be sure to grab the last couple of spots in Rachel’s Banana Bread event!

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