Reiki Healing With @Kelseypatel

Admittedly, we didn’t know what reiki was before we first spoke to Kelsey, an LA-based Reiki Master, yoga instructor, and meditation teacher, specializing in EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique.  Although we may not have had a clue, if Gisele Bundchen, Kate Hudson, Gwyneth Paltrow, Cameron Diaz, and Angelina Jolie are all doing reiki, we want in!

Reiki is the ancient Japanese practice of spiritual healing.  Reiki is a Japanese word. “Rei” means "God's Wisdom or Higher Power" and Ki means "Life Force Energy". (Pronounced Ray-Key.) So, Reiki is actually "Spiritually Guided Life Force Energy” or “Universal Life Force Energy.” 

At last night's event, Kelsey led a full moon workshop and intention setting exercise that has us feeling stress-free and focused.  The power of Reiki lies in its ability to shift and uplift one's energy.

The practice was so powerful, particularly for workaholics, constantly toeing the line of burnout, like us.  Kelsey helped us truly release that which on longer served us and our life’s purpose, which made way for more energy and power.  This was a seriously soul-expanding experience!

If you're interested in exploring Kelsey's services for yourself, check out her upcoming events and online resources here.

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