Sweat Sessions with @aubrewinters at Energi

Dance cardio is a favorite workout amongst the HelloWellness team. Not only is a full body heart-pumping and toning workout, but you get lost in the rhythm and music and can just let loose and have fun!

We had worked with dance cardio extraordinaire Aubre Winters before, but had to bring her to the East Coast! NYC is arguably the hub of boutique fitness, so whenever there is a new workout or instructor to try, we're game!

Aubre is a rising star in the fitness community, and the creator of Sweat Sessions. Aubre hosted her signature class, a combination of cardio and sculpting. Her energy was electric and contagious! We were inspired to move our bodies, create community, and learn more about mind-body connection.

Everyone left the room (very) sweaty and feeling physically and mentally stronger. Follow Aubre to see her upcoming classes and schedule.

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