The Beauty of Batch Cooking with @walderwellness and @daisybeet

Last night, panelists and dietitians, Carrie Walder and Alex Aldeborgh taught us how to master the art of batch cooking.

Some of Carrie and Alex’s favorite recipes to make are overnight oats, homemade trail mix, balanced bowls with a variety of different veggies, and healthy tuna salad sandwiches. Why? Not only are these meals packed with flavor, but they take not time to create and can be made in batches for multiple meals to come.

Here are 10 tips they shared with us on how to make cooking for the workweek that much easier:

1. Focus on preparing one meal that you find the most challenging to cook or one where you find you lean towards more unhealthy choices.

2. Keep a record of your favorite recipes. Collect them on Pinterest, in a folder or save them on Instagram.

3. Write down your grocery list while you write your calendar to help you prepare and visualize for the week ahead.

4. Buy foods like whole grains, pastas and dry goods in bulk that can be stored in your pantry.

5. Purchase washed and ready-to-eat leafy greens to make prepping even easier. Repurpose jars for storage.

6. Clean out and reuse glass jars for jams or sauces instead of buying new ones.

7. Pack prepared food in Tupperware or glass containers to use in various meals during the week.

8. Chop raw veggies to snack on throughout the week or add to salads.

9. Build up your spice collection with your favorite herbs to help you from going overboard on salt.

10. Stock up on frozen vegetables or keep a box of whole wheat pasta in your pantry in case you run out of food by the end of the week.

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