Turn Your Passion Into a Career With @Nobread

We took the city by storm!! We are so excited to have launched in our second city and met all of you amazing people in Boston! What a special night we’ll never forget.

And what a topical event to kick off a new location - as our brand is rapidly expanding and growing, we learned from Nicole Cogan, CEO and founder of NOBREAD, @nobread, about how she turned her greatest health problem into a full-time career.

It’s rarely easy taking the plunge into the unknown. Nicole knows that firsthand since she left her successful and STABLE job at JP Morgan, to pursue completely unknown territory when starting up NOBREAD.  Imagine what her family, friends, and peers were thinking when she decided to leave a job in finance to put together gluten free guides?! 

What started as a means for convenience with her food allergy, became a serious passion as Nicole began sharing her favorite gluten free spots, menu items, and tips. Since then, she’s helped to provide an international resource for the gluten-free community, long before gluten-free was trendy.

We are so inspired by her path and drive and can’t wait to share more of these events with you, Boston!

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