Weekly Wellness Vol. # 14


*When visits to the kitchen are your cardio and you're on the new "non-perishable diet," you may be wondering how effective vitamins and supplements are at enhancing or maintaining your health*

Weekly Wellness 
Volume #14


Is Xanax a Vitamin?
I OD'd on Vitamin ME
The supplement industry raked in upwards of $125 billion dollars last year.  That's billion, with a B.  But just how effective (and necessary) is this supplement craze? Most doctors and nutritionists agree that you should be able to get your essential nutrients through food.  "Should" being the operative word.  

Just so Perfect
While a PERFECT diet, modified PERFECTLY according to your workouts and age, with food grown from PERFECT soil, would eliminate the need for vitamins, just the amount of "perfect" in that statement is exhausting and arguably impossible.  While advocates for a supplement routine would ideally like to get their nutrients from their kitchen rather than their medicine cabinets it's not that simple.  The reality is, most Americans fail to meet dietary recommendations, nutrient absorption decreases with age, and modern farming techniques deplete the soil, robbing plants of their essential nutrients...just to name a few. 

Vitamin A, B, C's
If you're interested in adding a vitamin or mineral to your daily routine, check out this article from Healthline, discussing the 7 ingredients your multivitamin should have, as recommended by nutritionists. With that said, there is still limited research and evidence stating that popping pills... I mean vitamins... will actually make you healthier. 

More isn't Always More
Contrary to popular belief, if a small amount of something is good, when it comes to vitamins, a large amount of something is not necessarily better.  In fact, it can actually be detrimental to your health.  Why does this matter? If taken incorrectly, some supplements could actually be doing more harm than good.  From vitamin E to iron, to Vitamin B-6, research has found that an excess of certain nutrients may cause harm. 

[Vitamin] A+ Student.
So what's really the best school of thought when it comes to vitamins & supplements?  After, consulting your doctor, of course, we recommend thinking about vitamins the way you would think about trying to get into college. Which, in case you've forgotten (that was a bit longer ago than we care to admit) here's what we mean; Vitamins = extracurriculars.  Can you get into college based solely on your after school activities? Sorry, no.  You must study, work hard, and earn good grades too - let's call that portion of the equation, the good diet and fitness regiment. But, the extracurriculars can certainly give you the extra boost and the valuable lessons you simply couldn't learn in class.  Make sense? Basically, vitamins will not make you healthy without first and foremost focusing on a healthy lifestyle.  However, there may be certain nutrients that are difficult to get sufficiently get through food alone...cue the supplements!   


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