Yoga & Q+A with @sophie.jaffe

Sophie Jaffe led an awesome yoga class this week in LA! She reminded us that with yoga, it's never about being perfect—it’s about feeling good in your own body.

Following the flow, we had an amazing soulful conversation while snacking on some Lily's Sweets Chocolate. Here were some words of wisdom from Sophie that we wanted to share with you:

  • Create a list in your phone of things that make you happy. This can encompass doing child's pose, making yourself a matcha latte, listening to your favorite song, going on a walk, etc. Go to this list when you're feeling overwhelmed and do one of those things.
  • You have to ASK for help. With this you're able to communicate and let people know how they can help you, and if they care about you, they're always willing to help you out.
  • Remember to always be grateful for the opportunities that you are presented.

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