Your Weekly Wellness Vol. 12.

*Quarantine's continuing, which has us all wishing for something stronger, but wondering how effective both CBD & Dry Brushing can be in the meantime. 


Volume #12 

The brush up
Maybe you’ve seen Melissa Wood running a long wooden brush over her otherworldly toned legs, or maybe you have no idea what we’re talking about. Either way, since we can't get a manicure, botox, or highlights, let us introduce you to dry brushing, a simple technique that can be guessed it, AT HOME, and touts benefits like exfoliation and cellulite reduction.  

Think of it as shaving
All you need is a dry brush, some oil, if you so choose (some people use the brush on its own; others put a bit of body oil on), and some patience. Here is a great step-by-step guide to the ritual, including how to choose a brush, but the basic idea is that you want to use small circular upward motions to go over each section of your body about 3-5 times. More specifically, you’ll want to start at your feet, using medium strokes of pressure as you work your way up. Oh, and you’re not going to see any difference if you try this just once. Just like most routines, the more diligent you are the better results you can expect to see. 

You can dry brush while watching Tiger King
Fans say said technique can reduce the appearance of cellulite, promote collagen production and improve circulation. Remember when we talked about lymphatic drainage massages a few weeks back? Dry brushing follows this same principle in that it promotes keeping your lymphs moving so that nothing gets stagnant or swollen and can be done from the comfort of your own home. On your couch. While binge-watching Tiger King.  Seriously, why?

Brush with care 
So does it work? Dermatologists are skeptical of the benefits of dry brushing outside of being an excellent exfoliant. According to this SELF article dry brushing “can enhance skin radiance and light reflection so the skin looks brighter.” I.E., Thinking your cellulite is gone or that you’re suddenly less puffy after dry brushing is really nothing more than an optical illusion. With all that said, as long as you go easy on the pressure and don’t rub your skin too vigorously, which will not only hurt like hell but create small micro-cuts that can create irritation and dryness, there’s no real harm to brining a dry brush into your wellness routine. 


Now I Know my CBD’s
Getting to know you
From CBD moisturizers and massages to CBD bath salts and chocolates, you might have noticed that these three letters are literally everywhere. You might have also immediately wondered...can this CBD product get me high? The short answer is no. CBD is the abbreviation for cannabidiol, one of the many cannabinoids, or chemical compounds, found in marijuana and hemp. CBD oil can be extracted from marijuana and hemp but it doesn’t get you high. Why? Because it doesn’t contain THC aka tetrahydrocannabinol (we dare you to say that five times fast) the magic ingredient responsible for your munchies and cottonmouth. 

Keep calm and CBD on
While CBD won’t have the mind-altering effects of marijuana, it may make you feel more relaxed and is best known to help with ailments such as anxiety, insomnia, and pain management. Which is why, in these anxious and stressed times, CBD has become so damn appealing. This coupled with the rise of alternative therapies plus the increasing legalization of marijuana around the US are some of the key reasons why it feels like we’re suddenly living in a CBD-infused world. 

But CBD isn’t calming everyone’s nerves
For starters, there’s still a lot we don’t know about the long-term effects of incorporating CBD into our lives. Not to mention, since the marketing around CBD has reached crazy levels (what’s next CBD baby food?!), all the advertised benefits in these products are less than trustworthy at the moment. 

Minor detail. Is CBD legal?
Kind of. There are actually two types of CBD, one that comes from hemp and the other that’s derived from marijuana. That being said, whether CBD is extracted from hemp or marijuana, it remains identical on a molecular level. The critical point of difference is the resin content, with marijuana-CBD sometimes containing very low levels (it’s nearly nonexistent aka not enough to get you high) amounts of THC. This has led the federal government to legalize hemp and the CBD that comes from it, while the CBD that comes from weed, is still only legal if your state has also legalized Mary Jane. Speaking of, you can find the full list of laws for marijuana and your state, here.

The CBD Beginner’s Guide
There’s no denying it: Millions of people now “swear by” CBD. With that said, here’s how you can ensure you’re getting the best quality CBD.

Step 1) Read all labels on CBD products. CBD is still largely unregulated in the US. Labeling regulations vary by state but keep an eye out for the label must-haves like dosing information, and red flags, like vague CBD sourcing.

Step 2) Consider your wellness goals, asking yourself questions such as why am I interested in taking CBD and what sort of results are you looking to see from your CBD experience?

Step 3)Then it’s time to think about CBD methods. From injectables to lotions to patches, there’s a ton of info out there and this article can help you understand the pros and cons for each. Not to mention this Forbes article which counts down the top 10 best CBD products to buy in 2020.

Step 4) It doesn’t hurt to track your progress! Including how much CBD you’re taking and how you’re feeling in order to understand what impact it’s having on your body. 

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