Your Weekly Wellness Vol. 11


*Hey all you cool cats & kittens! Because all you can really do during quarantine is cook and drink (let's be honest, happy hour is ANY hour when you're changing from your daytime pajamas, into your nighttime pajamas) we thought we'd give your hangover a break. This week, we're discussing the new trend of alcohol-free cocktails! We're also exploring non-toxic cookware, ensuring all of those non-perishable dishes you've been cooking up, are safe for your family!


Volume #11

That booze-free buzz 
As a growing number of people are tuning in to their physical and mental health (and aiming to cut back on calories and hangovers!), they are opting for non-alcoholic cocktails. In fact, according to this Shape article, Distill Ventures--a group that invests in and supports different spirits entrepreneurs-called the nonalcoholic drinks category "the most exciting trend in the drinks industry." 

Why should cocktails have all the fun? 

Once upon a time, when we ventured outside of our homes, you could find a lot more than a Shirley Temple on the non-alcoholic drinks menu at hotspots across the globe.  From “Pious Pina Coladas” being served up at Redemption Bar in London to NYC’s Ambrosia Elixirs, which often includes dandelions, mushrooms, and even ceremonial cacao in their mocktails, all signs point to the the booze-free bar scene becoming increasingly popular and highly inventive. Not to mention the fact that many premium waters and distilled non-alcoholic spirits (like British company Seedlip) are now increasingly being stocked in bars and restaurants around the globe. See you soon, old friend, see you soon!

Toasting the future 
No need to wait until quarantine is over. You can mix up a mocktail right at home! According to this NPR article the key factors to consider when creating a delicious mocktail include complexity (I.E., making sure your drink satisfies different taste buds, such as sour and bitter), aroma, and dimension (for example, adding bubbles for texture). Here are 40 easy to make mocktails to mix up tonight, from a Shirley Ginger and Virgin Watermelon Margarita to a Mango Mule. Try a non-perishable special, by swapping fresh fruit for frozen!


Because trouble is cooking
You’ve just gotten a grocery delivery that you now have to unpack outside, wipe down with purell, sanitize your already-gloved-hands, discard the box, and wash the clothes you were wearing . Things have gotten complicated enough recently, without having to ask yourself if that saute pan you’re about to use is coated with toxic chemicals? 🤦🏼‍♀️

You Can’t Stick With Us
This is the question many Americans are stopping to ask themselves after watching the recently-released Dark Waters, which profiles a large class-action suit against DuPont chemicals for the “probable link” between PFOA, a chemical found in Teflon--one of the key components that makes up non-stick cookware--and certain conditions, including high cholesterol, kidney cancer, and testicular cancer. To date, DuPont continues to deny that there is any link but more cautious consumers are highly skeptical.

Although manufacturers have taken steps to make Teflon "safer," we've seen Erin Brokovich one too many times to ignore the writing on the wall, or in this case, the teflon in the pan. There are multiple non-toxic alternatives on the market, including many non-stick options made of cast iron, stainless steel, glass or copper. Most of them use Thermalon, a sand derivative made up of silicon dioxide instead of Teflon. Fan favorite brands include Scanpan, Green Earth, Zwilling, and Blue Diamond. 

We've Got Enough Issues Already
I got 99 problems (that rhyme with shmaronavirus,) and non-toxic cookware aint one! If you're anything like us, although concerns of teflon are totally legitimate, you might be feeling a little bit strapped for cash, or like teflon just can't take priority right now. Before you go spending tons of money on a kitchen appliance makeover, there are certain alternatives you can leverage to prevent the teflon from contaminating your food.  If you want to ride it out with your current pans for a bit longer, you might try covering a non-stick baking sheet with parchment paper so your food is not in direct contact with the Teflon in question.  This non-toxic cookware guide will also help you get cooking faster, no Teflon required. 


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