Balancing a Healthy Life with Your Social Life with @carolynbrownnutrition

Who doesn't love an event that starts with a shot? (An apple cider vinegar one, that is.) Carolyn Brown MS RD was sharing her tips and tricks on how to socialize, while staying sane & fit, and we were all ears!

Barre class vs. going to the bar, run club vs. new restaurants, date night vs. your healthy diet. It can be extremely challenging attempting to have a healthy life and a social life. Turns out, you can have a balance between the two! Health and socializing are not mutually exclusive and you don’t need to have FOMO or be a hermit to be healthy.

Carolyn kicked off the Perspective Series with her daily tonic of turmeric, honey and apple cider vinegar--it's one of her favorite ways to start the day and one of the many tricks she shared on balancing a healthy social life. Here are her top five tips we're starting ASAP:

1. Begin your day with a daily ritual, no matter what. "It's been the most life changing thing that I could ever recommend," she told us. This includes drinking water first thing in the morning to replace water lost while sleeping.

2. Ace your daytime eating. "If you're going out at night, your daytime eating has to be on point," she says. Choose a satisfying lunch with protein and tons of veggies.

3. Plan ahead. "Skim the menu ahead of time," she says, "If you look at a menu and say your order out loud to someone, you're so much more likely to stick with it." Go with a friend who supports you in a wellness way, too!

4. Track your drinks. Alcohol is a toxin, and our bodies break it down like a toxin. "Plan your nights out the same way you look at your meetings for the week," she says, "Think: 'What do my nights look like?', 'Who am I going out with?'."

5. Cook your meals at home as much as you can. "You're in total control of the ingredients, the oils, and the salt content," she says, "Invite people over, cooking is so much fun with friends and family, get in the habit of finding a recipe you want to make. There are so many resources and great recipes."

Fun Facts: You lose about 1 liter of water when you sleep at night

How do you calculate your recommended water intake for the day? (Take your body weight, divide it by two and that is the number of ounces)

A glass of tonic water has the equivalent amount of sugar as two cookies

How many drinks per week is suggested for women? 4

1,200 is the average number of calories in a restaurant meal

Have a few drops of milk thistle before you go out. It helps detoxify and protect your liver!