Behind NYC’s Fitness Scene With @Amandakloots, @Pactpark, and @Fitwithbae

NYC’s fitness scene is bursting at the seams, and its trainers have become like celebrities. We gathered some of our favorite Females in Fitness for a “behind the scenes” panel in which we got to ask all of our burning questions!

No surprise that their diet secrets were a hot topic, and we thought a few things were really interesting about this. For starters, all of these trainers have very different diets (Paleo, Vegan, keto, etc.) and yet they have phenomenal bodies and are able to fuel what they do.

They agreed that everyone is different and you have to experiment and do what feels best for YOU. They also cautioned about heeding nutritional advice by looking at their regular nutrient and caloric intake because of the frequency and effort at which they regularly workout.

Simply put- you and I are most likely not doing 5 workouts a day. If we are, maybe then we can eat like them, if not, we should probably not trust what we see on Instagram, and again, do what feels best for us!

All of these women have done a tremendous job turning their passion and their unique workout methods into a career. If you haven’t yet, be sure to check out their classes!

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