Boozy Brunch with @TheSkinnyConfidential: Let's Get Cheeky

We joined Lauryn Evarts Bosstick of The Skinny Confidential for a boozy brunch. And we got down to business! Business advice, that is. Lauryn shared some of her tips for how she started her lifestyle blog, podcast, and brand, The Skinny Confidential — read below to learn more!

  1. Always make sure there is more to your posts (content!) than just a photo of you looking good.

  2. If you're giving off a desperate scent, people can smell it. This applies to relationships and business. Just as you don't respond to an email right away, don't text back immediately. You're busy.

  3. Be resourceful! Bring solutions, not problems. Figure it out, think on your toes, be efficient, and have a good attitude.

  4. Plan your day. Don't check emails right when you wake up. You are in charge of your day. Be proactive, not retroactive.

  5. When thinking about your brand, think about what you want people to take away/say about you/be known for. Ex: you're the skin cleanser expert or the go-to person for Target finds.

  6. Crowd out the haters. Don't give any energy to anything negative in your life. Remembering that your life is yours, your body is yours, your decisions are yours. You're not going to be for everybody and that's OK!

A big thank you to Hills Penthouse West Hollywood for hosting us for this event! The Hills Penthouse is a private members-only club and shared work space, featuring a tasteful interior filled with natural light and curated amenities and experiences for members. If you are interested in learning more, please visit their website at and follow them on Instagram @hillspenthousewh

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