Brunch with @purely_elizabeth

We enjoyed a delicious brunch with Elizabeth Stein — the founder and CEO of Purely Elizabeth, an all-natural food company based in Colorado. Read on to discover some inspiring facts she shared!

- A graduate of IIN, Elizabeth was seeing patients as a health coach when she realized that she couldn’t find products she felt comfortable recommending to her clients.

- She first got started by selling muffin mix at the Westchester Triathlon. The granola that is used today and the flavors that are sold still use her original recipe!

- Elizabeth is focused on helping people thrive and focuses on four pillars that she wants to convey through all of her products.

- Her four pillars of living purely are: You are what you eat; Follow the 80/20 rule; Good health is more than a diet; Live your best life!

- Purely Elizabeth’s product line now includes, granolas, bars, oatmeal, cauliflower oats, a cookbook, a scented candle...with so much more to come!

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