Do What Feels Good with @HannahBronfman

This week, we got the chance to hear Hannah Bronfman speak first-hand about her background and passion for health, beauty, and fitness! We enjoyed a delicious meal from our one of our favorite spots — Dig Inn — and took home swag bags filled with new wellness products. Read on to learn what Hannah shared with us and how it’s inspired us this week!

On when she found her happiest + healthiest self:

“I realized that as women if we don’t resolve the issues we are faced with as teenagers then these negative bodies ideals, images and thoughts will linger on inside of us.”

On her book, “Do What Feels Good”:

This is the real version of how I came to find my best self, before social media, before there was a boutique gym on every corner. This is me unplugged.

On the people in her life:

I rely on my friends and community and truly believe that when you surround yourself with

positivity, positive things happen to you. I’ve been around people who are toxic before I and I don’t have the time or energy for those people.

On what motivates her:

I’ve been blocking out the haters since I was in high school. I think that one of my best qualities is my thick skin and honestly, I use their negativity and doubt as motivation to keep on keeping on.

On making wellness accessible:

There are so many things you can do for yourself that don’t cost money that can make a huge impact on your health. Wellness isn’t only about working out and eating right, it’s about the in between moments as well.

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