Finding Food Freedom with @restoring_radiance

Is intuitive eating that intuitive? Lex Daddio of @restoring_radiance shared some insight into how to eat mindfully without restrictions. Read on to discover her top tips for finding freedom with food.

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  1. Reject the word ‘diet.’ Don’t follow a regimented eating plan.
  2. Honor your hunger. Eat when you’re hungry!
  3. Make peace with food.
  4. Have fun eating.
  5. Eat things you dessert! (Just in moderation.)
  6. Learn to solve your problems without reaching for food.
  7. Talk to friends or family about your feelings.
  8. Respect your body–this means throwing out the scale.
  9. Shift your view of exercise.
  10. Honor your health.
If you’re dealing with disordered eating or unhealthy and controlling thoughts about food, there are a lot of great resources. Lex recommends the @realfoodRDs and Evelyn Tribole, the author of the book Intuitive Eating.

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