Flow & Fuel with @Claire_Grieve & @HealthywithNedi

Too often in the wellness space we focus solely on one aspect of the overall picture of our health. We quickly think that simply eating well equates to being healthy, or solely moving your body means achieving a state of wellness. However, it’s so much more than what you eat or how often you move. 

At this weekend’s event with Celebrity Yoga Teacher, Claire Grieve (@claire_grieve) and Holistic Health Coach, Neda Varbanova (@healthywithnedi), we took a look at the broader picture.  We took a deeper work and practiced both our movements and what we ate.

We flowed through a yoga practice and we fueled with plant based smoothies following. However, we discussed so much more of what overall health means to us: 

  1. Pay attention to your mind. Neda and Claire both swear by their daily meditation practice and say it’s crucial for their mental health each day. To expand upon this, add in a morning gratitude routine. Start each day with 3 things you’re grateful for and see how your mindset shifts immensely. 
  2. Spend time with loved ones. The relationships in your life are important. Be protective of who you surround yourself with and spend time with. Ensure that those people are adding value and/or supportive of you and your values. 
  3. Live with no restriction. Neda and Claire both travel often and well! They suggest indulging when you travel and treating yourself to the things you love the most. A restricted life is no way to live. Wellness doesn’t need to be rigid, it simply needs to work for you. 
  4. Do things you love. Make sure you’re fueling your soul. Do you love being creative? Hit up a paint class. Does being outdoors make your heart happy? Ensure to incorporate this weekly! Make space for things in your life that truly make you happy. 

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