Gluten Free Pizza Party With @Nobread

Caul’ing all gluten-free foodies ☺ Nicole Cogan, aka @nobread, hosted a gluten-free pizza party using cauliflower crust! We got to make individual pizzas with tons of different toppings to choose from!

There are so many people in our community who either choose to eat gluten free or have to, so we thought tonight was particularly special, because Nicole shared the inception of NOBREAD from the point when she was diagnosed with celiac, long before a gluten free diet was mainstream or trendy.

And for those of you dreaming about escaping your corporate jobs and making it in wellness? Take major inspiration from Nicole!! She left a very successful job in banking to pursue her passion.

Now she explores cities’ hottest restaurants, brands’ newest gluten-free items, and best of all shares it with us!

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