HelloWellness Book Club: Ladies Night Out with @thedefineddish

This month in Boston, we sat down with Alex Snodgrass aka the creator of the @thedefineddish Instagram account and author of the NYT Best Selling Cookbook “The Defined Dish.” We discussed her Whole30 lifestyle, building a business in the Influencer space, and we even Facetimed her adorable daughters!

We’re so excited to share our takeaways from Alex’s event… and if you want to learn even more, you can sign up for our Recorded Membership here.

  • Take care of yourself. It will make you a better person. For Alex, this is a necessity. Setting boundaries and following her self-care routine has helped her develop a sustainable career and become a better mom. 
  • Eating Whole 30 doesn’t have to be boring, and it should not be a nuisance. Alex loves to use natural and real ingredients to make her favorite meals she grew up eating. Alex believes that her recipes have become so renowned because she uses healthier ingredients and substitutes. Whole 30 doesn’t mean you need to stop eating your favorite meals. Cooking healthy will also make you as full, satiated, and comforted.
  • Finding balance is key for a healthy mindset.  Everyone has a favorite food that isn’t necessarily the healthiest choice. It’s ok to indulge once in a while, and to enjoy it! Her solution is to nourish and fuel your body with some healthier options after a few unhealthy meals, and everything will be okay!
  • Be an educated and informed consumer. Brands are making things easier and more accessible for us to stay healthy. She suggests paying attention and being mindful of what you are buying. Always read the nutrition label. 
  • Form your intentions into your actions. Before Alex ever does anything, she thinks to herself: “Is this productive? Is it valuable? Does it give back to my community?”  Alex’s top priority is to feel authentic and to continue adding value to her work. Her goal is to grow together with her community and stay true to her brand. 
  • Show up and be preset. Alex says that being grateful for everything is a key component for her to continue growing her business, while also finding a balance at home with her family.
  • Kids will be kids. Alex laughs when people say that her daughters are miracle kids that eat perfectly all the time. The truth is, they are kids, and they are picky with what they want to eat. She encourages her daughters to try everything and she tries to get creative with the dishes she makes for them. Alex believes that this has made them more open to trying new food!

You can learn more about Alex's cookbook and purchase it here


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