Mental Health Panel with @veeshoney, @danikabrysha, @avokween & @mindbyfood

"I'm so anxious right now."
"You're giving me anxiety."
"My anxiety is bad."
"I'm a really anxious person."

Been there, heard that! In fact, I'd bet you've said this yourself or heard someone else say this very statement this week, possibly even today. It seems like everyone is anxious lately.

The good news? It's not that more people are anxious, it's that more people are talking about it...which can be great because it de-stigmatizes the conversation for those really suffering.

The bad news? For some reason, we're raised to feel that being anything other than happy is bad and should be adjusted immediately. However, this is impossible and believing anything of the sort can you drive you crazy...literally. Turns out, we're human! (You don't say!) We have emotions and we should embrace them. ALL OF THEM. It's much healthier to move through your emotions and explore each unique emotion to its fullest, rather than try and move against them and mask them asap.

Below are our top takeaways from our most recent event discussing the connection of mental health and personal wellness:

Using Instagram Wisely

1. Follow accounts that make you feel good and confident about yourself. Unfollow accounts that get you into a negative mindset. We call this conscious content consumption.

2. Be socially conscious when posting. People are scrolling through Instagram looking for courage and hope so give them that! Show people your real story and the battles you're facing if you're up to it. Social media can have a very powerful impact if we let it. Rather than putting on a facade, be truthful and see what incredible support may come your way. 

3. Studies have shown that Social Media can actually alter your dopamine levels and impact hormones, which is why many people are so addicted. Be conscious of this and of your consumption!

Saying "No" More

1. Get really protective of your time. Are you saying yes to something to make others happy? Hi people pleaser, nice to meet you. Try choosing to spend your time in ways that truly fill up your cup instead and the people that really care will still be there for you!

2. If you're struggling to figure out what to prioritize, prioritize doing less.

Dealing with the "Hustle" Culture

1. Create more "white space" in your calendar. What's that you ask? White space involves taking a step back and allowing yourself more slow time or 'non-scheduled' days. Think of "white space" less like a vacation and more like an opportunity to actually be more creative without the confines of a to-do-list, and come back feeling very fueled.

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