Mindful Eating with @TheWellNeccessities

Tis the season- Thanksgiving and start to the holiday season, which while joyful, also comes with a slew of unhealthy foods and habits.

This time can be highly stressful for many of us as we have party after party, cocktail after cocktail- we already feel our pants tightening! Luckily, we learned two fundamental concepts from Lisa Hayim, MS, RD, aka @thewellneccessities, that will help assuage these concerns and help us take control: “Eat Real and Be Mindful.”

These two concepts are the foundation for living a healthy, balanced, and fulfilled life, so what do they mean? “Eating Real” refers to eating real food in which it is unprocessed and the source is identifiable (farm, cow, fish, etc.).

“Being Mindful” refers to the importance of tuning in to listen to your body, its needs, satiety cues, and even honoring its cravings. The most amazing thing we learned tonight was there are not “good foods” and “bad foods” but instead we should pay attention to if we really want the foods, why, and what’s causing that.

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