Sex, Sleep & CBD w/ @chinaealexander, @carakovacs_ & @berylaliza at Energi

We learned so much from Chinae Alexander, Cara Kovacs, a Sex, Love & Relationship Coach, and Beryl Solomon, founder & CEO of Poplar, at our Wellness in the Bedroom event at Energi. From sex to sleep to CBD, our panelists shed insight on how these factors are intertwined with wellness. Here were some of the major takeaways:

  1. CBD is the non-psychotropic part of cannabis plant, meaning it won't get you high. To get the maximum health benefits, Beryl suggests vape or tincture.

  2. CBD helps the body maintain homeostasis for better sleep, better mood, and strong immunity.

  3. For better sleep, creating a routine & making habits for bedtime prepares your body for a good night's rest. A few ways to do this are to meditate or establish a calming skincare routine.

  4. Tantric practices are simpler than we think. It's all about being present and enjoying the moment that you’re in and all the small things happening. An easy way to do this is to sync your breath with your partner's.

  5. Try a Yoni egg to strengthen pelvic floor muscles.

  6. Have a "will, won't, want" list and share it with your partner.

  7. Sex is about context: find the context when you find your partner sexy. This can change over time!

We learned so much from the lecture, and left with tips on how to sleep better, have better orgasms, and improve our daily routines with the use of CBD. Plus we sampled products from brands, like Therapeutic Treats chocolates and Allitom CBD chapstick, and took home a killer swag bag filled with new products to try.

Want to come to our next event? We're covering more taboo topics in the wellness space later this fall. Check them out here.

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