The Greatest Wealth is (Mental) Health w/ @thewellnecessities, @serenagwolf & Jayne Miller, Psy. D

At The Greatest Wealth is (Mental) Health event, we tackled the scariest part of the weekend — Sunday nights! Lisa Hayim (@thewellnecessities), Serena Wolf (@serenagwolf) and Jayne Miller, Psy. D, gave us their best advice for how to tackle those emotions when they strike. See a few tips we noted below:

  1. Rather than using “I’m anxious, Sunday scaries, depressed” get curious about what you are ACTUALLY feeling. Maybe you’re scared about a review at work, feeling sad, etc.

  2. How do you figure out what you’re actually feeling? Adjust your expectations, name the feeling, and take the power away from it. Rather than saying remain calm, release the emotion. You may cry, but then you’ve felt the emotion and can move onto the other side.

  3. Anxiety is like your body sending off an alarm, so anxiety might not be the feeling. It’s letting you know to check in and see what exactly you are feeling.

  4. When you feel anxious take a moment to figure out where you’re feeling it —often your body will respond maybe a toe tap or lip biting, and then when you realize that you’re doing that thing it can help you channel in on the emotion.

  5. Anxiety doesn’t have to define you, and you don’t have to hate it. It is just part of you. You can lean into it and use it to motivate you!

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September 18, 2019 by HelloWellness