Flow & Fuel with @Claire_Grieve & @HealthywithNedi | LA November 16


Get ready to sweat & recharge! Come flow it out with Celebrity Yoga Specialist & Wellness Expert, Claire Grieve. Afterwards join Neda Varbanova, a holistic nutritionist and recipe developer from Healthy With Nedi, for a refueling smoothie demo. While we sip on on smoothies, we will partake in a Q&A with Claire and Neda -- talking about all things health, wellness, and lifestyle. 

WHAT: HelloSweat

WHEN: 11:00am-1:00pm PST




11:00-11:45am: Yoga flow with Claire Grieve
11:45am-12:30pm: Smoothie demonstration with Neda Varbanova
12:30-1:00pm: Q&A with Claire & Neda


Claire Grieve is a highly sought after yoga teacher, stretch therapist, plant-based health coach and author. Claire underwent extensive yoga training with some of the world’s top yogis and is also a certified Health Coach. Claire has dedicated the last decade of her life to spreading joy through yoga and wellness. Claire wasn't always as healthy and radiant as she is today. 10 years ago, before she discovered yoga, Claire experienced an array of health problems. She suffered from chronic headaches and inflammation, joint pain, bad digestion, depression and insomnia. Her growing interest in yoga lead her to begin to explore her health from a holistic perspective and she became obsessed with her natural wellness journey. Today, Claire feels healthier and more vibrant than ever before and is inspired to share the practices that transformed her life with the world. Claire’s deep and pure passion for helping people transform through yoga and wellness has led her to work with with a vast array of celebrities, professional athletes, fitness leaders and people of all genders, professions, shapes and sizes. Claire has shared her bright and uplifting wellness perspective with the world in Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, and SHAPE, Women’s Health and more. Claire has also authored two e-books: ENERGIZE and Daily Detox: Practices for a Vibrant Life available on clairegrieve.com Follow Claire at @claire_grieve

Neda Varbanova is the creator of Healthy with Nedi, a healthy lifestyle brand, holds a Master’s Degree in Food Studies from NYU Steinhardt, a certificate in Culinary Nutrition from the Natural Gourmet Institute and is a certified health coach through the  Institute of Integrative Nutrition. Neda believes that healthy eating, fitness and a positive outlook are the keys to realizing true health and you can find her living this healthy lifestyle all over the world. In 2015, Neda created Healthy with Nedi as a place to share her figure-friendly recipes. Since then, the blog has evolved into a lifestyle brand where one can go to find healthy recipes, nutritional advice, fitness tips, beauty tips, restaurant and travel guides, and detox ebooks. Healthy With Nedi has been featured in Elle, Grazia, Well + Good, Healthline, mindbodygreen, Greatist, and Byrdie and has partnered with many well-known health and wellness brands like Owyn, Juice Press, F-Factor, ALOHA, Pressed Juicery, Elizabeth Arden, bioClarity and more.  



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What is the Cancellation Policy?

We will provide a full refund up to 24 hours in advance of the event. Within 24 hours, we will credit your account which can be used towards payment for a future event.

I don’t know anyone, can I come alone?

Yes, absolutely! We hope you are never deterred by not having a friend to accompany you. The purpose of these events is to meet like-minded people, and we will kick off every event with a mini icebreaker game to make sure you know at least one friendly face in the crowd.

What time will the event actually start?

We will open the doors promptly at the time the event is called for. If arriving early - we appreciate punctuality - we may ask you to hang tight while we finish setting up the beautiful event space!

I’m held up with another obligation and running late, is that ok?

Yes, feel free to come at any time, and we will ensure there is still a swag bag for you. If you’re running late, we cannot guarantee that all of the on-site brands will have samples and food left, however. People get hungry -- what can we say!

What’s in the swag bag?

Telling you would ruin the surprise! But we like to vary it every time to ensure that you’re getting access to the best products in the wellness space and helping you discover new brands we think you’ll love!

I have an allergy, can I be accommodated?

We always make an effort to accommodate as many allergies as possible, and list all allergies that are “safe” in the food at the event. However, if you’re concerned feel free to email us at founders@sayhellowellness.com.