HelloWellness Book Club with @thedefineddish | BOS February 5
HelloWellness Book Club with @thedefineddish | BOS February 5
HelloWellness Book Club with @thedefineddish | BOS February 5
HelloWellness Book Club with @thedefineddish | BOS February 5

HelloWellness Book Club with @thedefineddish | BOS February 5

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Boston, MA | February 05, 2020 with @TheDefinedDish

Meet Our Host

Alex Snodgrass

Alex Snodgrass is the foodie and recipe developer behind The Defined Dish.  She is a wife, mother, and Whole30 enthusiast.  She also won SAVEUR Reader's Choice for Most Inspired Weeknight Dinners in 2018.  Alex, a Texan native, believes in balance: while she has found success in the Whole30 diet and eating clean, whole ingredients, she whole heartedly believes that you can have hearty and healthy foods, while also indulging occasionally. 

Event Overview

Book Club | Launch of The Defined Dish: Healthy & Wholesome Weeknight Recipes 

This is Alex's first book and the third author in the popular Whole30 Endorsed series. With gluten-free, dairy-free, and grain-free recipes that sound and look way too delicious to be healthy, this is a cookbook people can turn to after completing a Whole30, when they’re looking to reintroduce healthful ingredients like tortillas, yogurt, beans, and legumes. Recipes like Chipotle Chicken Tostadas with Pineapple Salsa or Black Pepper Chicken are easy enough to prepare even after a busy day at work. Alex also includes delicious variations, such as using lettuce wraps instead of taco shells, to ensure recipes can work for almost any diet. We will be sitting down with Alex to discuss her perspective on Whole30, how she uses this tool to feed her family, and the inspiration behind her recipe.  All attendees will leave with a copy of Alex's new cookbook and feel armed with a slew of new recipes and an introduction to brands and products to support this eating style!


Drydock Hall
1 Design Center Place, Suite 21-110 West
Boston, MA 02210

Event Flow

7-7:30PM: Brand exploration, Mix & Mingle

7:30 - 7:45PM: Event & Brand Introductions

7:45 - 8:30PM: Moderated Interview with Alex

8:30 - 9:00PM: Audience Q&A



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