Clean Beauty & Skincare with @michaelapodo

We spoke with Michaela Podolsky last night about makeup and skincare at our non-toxic beauty event. Michaela is a beauty blogger and makeup artist who shares her passion for skincare and makeup on her popular Instagram account, @michaelapodo. As the youngest of three girls, Michaela grew up surrounded by fashion and makeup and was always interested in beauty and color.

After suffering with terrible acne throughout her teenage years, Michaela took it upon herself to learn everything she could about skincare and discovered the importance of being truly confident and comfortable in your own skin. Michaela believes that all beautiful makeup should start with skincare and CAN be achieved with clean beauty.

As many of us are making the switch from the traditional beauty products we know and love, we enlisted Michaela's help to find the best alternatives.  She shared her favorite products and approach to clean, organic skincare, and makeup. Using her favorite natural products, Michaela showed us a step by step tutorial to achieve a natural, glowing, everyday look.

A few tips we learned:

  • ALWAYS wash your face, no matter what!
  • Put makeup on in an upward motion to prevent wrinkles
  • Exfoliate once a month
  • Try products for a month to see how well they work before making a decision

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