Wellness Approach To Anxiety And Digestive Stress With @balancewithb

Anxiety is an issue that plagues so many of us, but we don’t often think about how it effects our digestion as a result. Digestive stress is real, and as we learned from Blair, aka @balancewithb, at last night's event, the two can be linked to major health set backs.

Growing up, Blair experienced migraines, IBS, leaky gut, SIBO, and more. These issues caused a tremendous amount of anxiety and stress on the body, and mind, especially in social situations.  Can I eat this? With this make my IBS flair up? How will I react tomorrow by eating this today?

What worked for Blair to get all of this in control, is something that we can all practice- intuitive and mindful eating, and making significant improvements in food choices.

One of the things that was so interesting about last night's event topic was the difference that the action of self-care can have on you, not only physically, but also mentally! When we look out for ourselves the way we would look out for someone else, we can significantly improve our stress and anxiety levels. Namaste!

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