Wellness Events

We go wayyy back. Circa 1999 to be exact. We met at sleep away camp, where we bonded over our questionable choice of peanut butter and fluff on wonder bread…for dinner. It was the still the 90’s, don’t judge!

What we didn’t know at the time, is that 15+ years later, we would reunite and start a business, ironically, focused on wellness. Fast forward to 2017, gone are the days of wonder bread, and in its place, we had both become obsessed with wellness.

So obsessed, in fact, we co-founded HelloWellness as a way to make wellness more approachable and accessible for all! In a world of Ashwagandha powder, tea-toxes, and goat yoga, we were craving a more realistic version of wellness that everyone could understand, because after all, we are all worthy of wellness! 

Today, HelloWellness is a media and lifestyle brand that is here to support your realistic wellness journey.  We are empowering our community to make more informed decisions about their health by gaining a deeper knowledge on relevant topics, trends, and products.

Our goal is to help people live happier and healthier.  We want the world to say, HelloWellness!