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Love this stuff!

I've been using this on a sore hamstring and definitely feel a difference. Great scent too

Pain Relief Oil
Justin H.
It's Good

I ordered the Pain Relief oil for the pain in my joints (fingers). It was formulated with someone's mother in mind and that convinced me. It has a lovely fragrance and I feel it does help when my finger joints give a scream.

That's great news Justin. So happy to hear your getting joint relief from the oil.

Helps with knee pain

I consistently used this to relieve knee pain. I put it on in the morning and at night and during the day before I go bicycle riding.

Hi Wanda,
Glad to hear you're getting pain relief so you can just your days better.

Smooth Glowing Skin

I love this body oil. Since I started using it as a facial oil, my skin has been glowing. It quickly faded old acne dark spots and prevented new ones from coming. I love the smell, it's soo luxurious and sweet. I also like mixing it with the Vanilla Cream Body Butter, which just adds an extra oomph to my skincare routine.

I love this oil!

This pain relief oil was exactly what I needed. Instant lasting relief. I will purchase again.

That's wonderful news to hear Leticia.

Wonderful scent and very moisturizing

Love how it is so moisturizing without greasiness. The scent is very refreshing. I will be buying again.

Music to my ears Katrine.

Pain Relief Oil
Shackerah C.
Love the pain relief oil

I use it often especially when I feel a headache coming on. Works great. I never have to take a painkiller when I'm using this product!!

Awesome, happy to hear you don't need to use painkiller anymore.❤️


It relax muscle in evening when ready for bed.

I'm so happy to hear that.

Smells Wonderful!

I like this product and the shop owners so much! Such a great brand. It does not do much for my wrist pain, but that could because my pain is too severe. I use it all over and it does smell so great it instantly relaxes me. Cool product!

Hi Natalie,
Thanks for the review. I'm happy to hear you're enjoying the product. Is your wrist pain muscle or nerve related? If it's more nerve related the Palmarosa + Bergamot oil might do the trick. Looking forward to hearing back from you. Have lovely day.


Very very good!

I used it for my dread locks and it helped it a lot 100%.

That's wonderful news Veronica

Great product it relaxes and soothe my body.

Hi Gwendolyn, Glad to to hear you're enjoying the bath soak.

Relax - Soothing Coconut Bath Milk

Moisturizing + Refreshing White Tea Ginger Body Butter

Pain Relief Oil
Works like magic

This pain oil works so fast, I almost forgot I had pain. I use it on my back, neck, head pretty much anywhere I have pain. It absorbs quickly so no greasy mess. Thanks Hello Wellness for creating a great product.

Awesome ❤️

Magic Oul

As a marathoner and an active person, this has been a wonderful addition to my recovery regimen. Thank you for a great product.

Pain Relief Oil
William C.

Pain Relief Oil

Love the hair growth oil

I use the hair growth oil to get my natural hair healthy and oiled. It goes a long way and works very well. I'm very satisfied.


Pain Relief Oil
Veronica S.

Pain Relief Oil

Best cream I’ve ever tried

I have chronically dry skin and this body butter really does the trick. My skin is totally rejuvenated and glowing.

Hi Jeniffer,
I'm so happy to hear the body butter has helped revive your dry skin.

Hair growth

I have been experiencing hair loss due to pregnancy(2 years ago)and stress. Ive been using this product 2x a week for a month and I’m happy to say I actually have baby hair growing. I normally rub/massage it in generously before working out. I really believe the product absorbs better this way because I open my pores while working out but I think if you massage it well you’ll get similar results. I’ve also noticed my hair is significantly softer and tangles less. I will be repurchasing and I recommend anyone reading this review to do so as well.

Hi Adriana,
That's great news. I glad your seeing new hair growth after many years of experiencing hair loss. I also hope you've been able to find ways to reduce your stress.

Pain Relief Oil
Salema M.
Pain oil

Excellent seems to work for my O.A. will be product again

Hi Salema,
That's wonderful news. So excited to hear you found pain relief using this product.

It makes my hair grow with more fullness and strength

Pain Relief Oil
Tonetha D.

I shared it with my PCP, and he was amazed.

That's great news Tonetha! I'm so happy to hear your love the product.

Within the first week of using the body butter, there is a noticeable change on my skin. My skin feels better and has a youthful appearance to it.

Hi Olabisi, It's wonderful to hear you are getting great results from using the body butter.

This hair oil continues to work wonders

My hair has very tight coils and I can see the hair growth with my really tight coils (two strand twists), not to mention when those coils are loosened (e.g. blow dried). I continue to be amazed at how much my hair is growing!

Hello Danielle, I'm delighted to hear you're still seeing great results with the hair oil.?