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Great product

Really enjoyed the shea butter! It’s extremely moisturizing.

Calm Bath Soak

Very very very nice! Really enjoyed this.

THE absolute BEST

I have been singing the praises of this oil to everyone that I meet. I was having trouble with my achilles for over a month to the point that walking was painful. 2 applications of this oil I’m back at the gym and the improvement keeps coming! Also used on my child after a bad sprain and his bounce back improved drastically. LOVE this oil!


Immediately was drawn to the lovely holistic display @ Mosaic Festival and enjoyed a wonderful convo with the founder. This cream body butter smells and feels EXQUISITE! Once I applied some onto my hands I knew this jar was coming home with me. My body feels nourished and I'm happily divorced from my eczema lol. Looking forward to my next purchase!!!

Pain Relief Oil
maryam S.

I happened upon this company at a popup on my way to work. I have chronic backpain and have learned to live with it. She suggested this oil and WOW. I forgot what it feels like to not go about my day without pain and this gave me that. Wonderful product and still shocked at how well it works. Thank you!

Hi Maryam,
I'm so happy to hear you've found relief from using our products. Thank you for giving us a try.

It Works!

I would high praises all day long for purchasing this product. I was suffering from an ache in my knee due to loose cartilage and your company was at the fair in August. I stopped by thinking the products were like all the others I have purchased before, but an Allowed me a sample and I rubbed it on my knee, thinking nothing of it. Well, after all afternoon through the fair, and returning home, I realized my knee didn't bother me at all! So, I immediately went online and purchased the largest bottle they had. I have purchased other products before this and sadly I either used it up to get rid of them or I have just gotten rid of it. The ingredients must be pure to work so well on the pain. I don't need to use it everyday. That's how great this product has been for me. If it were not so, I would have told you as well. But, I can't because this product is a miracle in a bottle. Thank you!!!

Hi Wanda,
Thanks again for all the high praises. I'm so happy you were able to get relief, and best of all it's reducing your overall pain. Hope to meet you again at another event. Stay well.

Smells great and very moisturizing

Love my white tea ginger

I'm unto my second container of white tea ginger. My skin is moisturized better than any other moisturizer I've tried it there. This is my final product for moisturizing my skin. Well worth it!!!

Best moisturizer yet!

Not sure how you make a shea butter that not greasy after applied, but this is amazing. I love the consistency and smell of this butter. This is now a part of my bathtime routine! Would recommend if you’re looking for a butter that moisturizes without feeling greasy afterwards.

Hi Tenia,
I'm glad you're enjoying the formula. It was a labor of love to create a body butter that was ultra moisturizing, not greasy and doesn't contain any water. Thank you for your continued support. ❤️

Really works!

I am a huge advocate of holistic healing. So when I came across this pain relief oil made from all kinds of healing herbs, it was a no brainer for me to try! I’ve been using this oil for 3 months and love it. I suffer from lower back pain and achy joints due to working out and pretty sure, age, lol. I use this oil in my nighttime routine and when I wake up the next day, I feel refreshed. I don’t mind the smell either. It’s lightly scented and not offensive. I recommend to anyone with chronic pain!


I love the smell and I love how moisturizing it is on my hair

Great Products!

They all were extremely great and well made products! Will gladly recommend this to anyone

Easy to follow directions. My face felt wonderful after using first time :)

This works!

I got two bottle.dor my mom for her arthritic knees. For a while she couldn't stand up straight and had difficulty walking due to pain in her knees, thighs and back because arthritis. Three weeks later, she's much straighter, not 100% but miles better than before. She's in the kitchen everyday and much more active because pain is better managed. This oil works. She didn't stop her other meds that she had been taking for years, however the improvements began once she started using the oil two to three times a day.


So glad I picked this up!

I purchased this from abro collective at Union Station. My hair has gotten so much thicker since I've been using it!

Moisturizing + Brightening Vanilla Cream Body Butter

It Works!

I've been using the hair oil for about 4 weeks and I believe its truly working. The oil is refreshing to my scalp, my hair is moisturized and has grown about an inch or 2. Which I consider a great start. I will definitely purchase again.

I bought this at Pathways Expo and JUST tried it on my stiff neck - immediate relief!

This is a fantastic product and delightful to use. The scent is gorgeous but more importantly I got immediate relief when I massaged it into my stiff neck- wow!

A million thanks. Thank you for the review and coming to Mosaic this weekend to see me. Thank you for the bouquet; they are beautiful. I am having them preserved so I can forever cherish our conversation and the memory of my mother. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. Stay blessed.

Miracle Cuticle Cure

I have struggled with the world's worse cuticles for decades. Dermatological treatments as well as Vitamin E oil helped some, but the stubborn cubicles were still an issue ... until I tried the White Tea Ginger Butter. It was already my go-to product for the calluses on my feet. So glad I was inspired to try it on my cuticles!

Hi Jacqueline,
I'm so happy to hear the body butter has been helping with you cuticles.❤️

Smells + Feels Good

I really like how this oil smells and feels on my skin. I normally using after coming out of the shower and it feels like a spa experience!

Simply the best. I use it everyday.

Best body butter ever!

I love this product! I first bought it years ago and repurchased because other body butters I have been trying aren't moisturizing enough. This product is as rich, as lovely smelling, and buttery as I remember!

Love this hair oil

Recently got this hair oil and I absolutely love it. I’ve used it a couple of times but after each use I’ve noticed a silkier texture and more thickness. I’ll have to use it a little more to see if there is substantial growth happening, but 10/10 for ingredients and texture!