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Great alternative!

I have loved using this in place of pain pills for back/muscle aches! It smells great too which is an added bonus!


Great quality and smells amazing!

Amazing Body Butter

Love how hydrating for my skin how long lasting it is for me throughout the day! The scent is also really good as well!! Can’t get enough of it!

Pain Relief Oil
Aleathea Z.
Pain Relief at last

I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and this oils has helped me tremendously.

Hi Aleathea,
I'm sooo happy to hear you have gotten pain relief from using the oil.❤️

I love this product, it smells fantastic & feels good on my skin. Ive been using it for about 2wks now & I see the difference in my hands. Before they were very dry & now they feel soft & moisturized. Thank you again Hello Wellness 😊

Like Floating on Clouds!!

The Magnolia Lavender body oil is my absolute favorite of all the wonderful Hello Wellness products. I use it on dewy skin after a warm shower, and it literally makes me feel like I am floating on clouds. In addition to keeping me moisturized and keeping my skin soft and supple, it has a very calming and relaxing scent - just what I need to conquer my stressful day ahead or to get me ready for a blissful night. I also love how gentle it is for my face and my whole body!

Palmarosa + Bergamot Repairing Body Oil

Awesome product

Helps relieve my sciatic and fibromyalgia pain. I use it on a regular basis. I have really tight hamstrings and this oil helps keep my hamstrings more flexible. I’m truly grateful for finding this com. I use along with the muscle relief bath soak.

Wow, that's great new Jody. I'm truly happy to hear that.

Bye bye pain

I use the pain relief oil It really works good for my knee pain will be ordering more in the future. Have not used bath soak yet

Happy to hear you got relief from the pain oil. Don't forget to use the bath soak, it will boost your overall pain relief.

Love this oil. Smells great! My skin is looking good. Thank you for the recommendation. I really love this product!

You're welcome. I'm glad you're enjoying the body oil.

My skin felt amazing after the mask. Thanks


Pain Relief Oil
Deborah S.
It didn't work for me

The bottle was half full i only got 2 days out of it and out of those days i did not stop my pain so i will not get it again

Hello Deborah,

Thank you for your review of the Pain Relief Oil. I'm sorry to hear you did not receive any relief from you using the oil. Would you mind sharing what type of pain you are experiencing? Maybe we have another product that might be better suited for your pain. Also, my apologies to you for receiving a half empty bottle. If you're still interested in testing out our products I can offer you a store credit to try out another products.

Looking forward to hearing back from you, have a wonderful day.

This gift was a HIT!

I gave it to my daughter and she absolutely looves it!! She says it is her favorite product. I should probably order some for myself. lol

Love this stuff!

I've been using this on a sore hamstring and definitely feel a difference. Great scent too

Pain Relief Oil
Justin H.
It's Good

I ordered the Pain Relief oil for the pain in my joints (fingers). It was formulated with someone's mother in mind and that convinced me. It has a lovely fragrance and I feel it does help when my finger joints give a scream.

That's great news Justin. So happy to hear your getting joint relief from the oil.

Helps with knee pain

I consistently used this to relieve knee pain. I put it on in the morning and at night and during the day before I go bicycle riding.

Hi Wanda,
Glad to hear you're getting pain relief so you can just your days better.

Smooth Glowing Skin

I love this body oil. Since I started using it as a facial oil, my skin has been glowing. It quickly faded old acne dark spots and prevented new ones from coming. I love the smell, it's soo luxurious and sweet. I also like mixing it with the Vanilla Cream Body Butter, which just adds an extra oomph to my skincare routine.

I love this oil!

This pain relief oil was exactly what I needed. Instant lasting relief. I will purchase again.

That's wonderful news to hear Leticia.

Wonderful scent and very moisturizing

Love how it is so moisturizing without greasiness. The scent is very refreshing. I will be buying again.

Music to my ears Katrine.

Pain Relief Oil
Shackerah C.
Love the pain relief oil

I use it often especially when I feel a headache coming on. Works great. I never have to take a painkiller when I'm using this product!!

Awesome, happy to hear you don't need to use painkiller anymore.❤️


It relax muscle in evening when ready for bed.

I'm so happy to hear that.

Smells Wonderful!

I like this product and the shop owners so much! Such a great brand. It does not do much for my wrist pain, but that could because my pain is too severe. I use it all over and it does smell so great it instantly relaxes me. Cool product!

Hi Natalie,
Thanks for the review. I'm happy to hear you're enjoying the product. Is your wrist pain muscle or nerve related? If it's more nerve related the Palmarosa + Bergamot oil might do the trick. Looking forward to hearing back from you. Have lovely day.


Very very good!

I used it for my dread locks and it helped it a lot 100%.

That's wonderful news Veronica

Great product it relaxes and soothe my body.

Hi Gwendolyn, Glad to to hear you're enjoying the bath soak.

Relax - Soothing Coconut Bath Milk